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JFK Ground Transportation: The Fastest Way to Get to Connecticut

Private driver opening door - JFK ground transportationOnce your plane has landed, you’ve made it through the crowded terminal and you’ve retrieved your luggage, you might think your journey is over, but there’s still a big travel decision looming in your future. How are you actually going to get from the airport to your final destination?

If you’re flying into JFK in New York City and your end destination is Connecticut, you have a few ground transportation options.

The Train

If the train is your preferred form of travel, you can find ways to get from JFK to Connecticut via train, but it won’t necessarily be easy or the fastest. JFK’s AirTrain can deliver you to NYC’s subway system at the Jamaica Station, from which you can take the subway into Manhattan, where you can arrive at Penn Station in just over an hour. From there, it’s a ride on Amtrak to Connecticut. This trip does take a few hours — as much as four or five — and you have to switch trains a few times, but it’s preferred by some due to its cost-effectiveness.

A Shuttle or Taxi

An airport shuttle is faster than the train by a few hours and still relatively affordable, but it’s still not the fastest way to get you from the airport to your destination, and shuttles do leave a little to be desired in the comfort department. Depending on your time of travel, you may be tucked into the back of a van with your fellow passengers, jostling about from stop to stop until you finally reach your own. Shuttles will often easily drop you at most of the larger Connecticut destinations, such as Stamford and Hartford, as well as some of the surrounding towns.

Taxi and ride-sharing services offer a slightly better and faster experience if you specify that you want a private ride, but the cost — particularly with surge fares — can be a deterrent.

A Rental Car

Rental car counters are located at most terminals’ arrivals levels near the baggage carousels. JFK offers rental cars from 10 different agencies, all with differing prices and auto offerings. Additionally, from agency to agency, you’ll experience different policies for paying tolls as you travel around the region. A rental car does give you some added privacy and flexibility, as well as speed (driving straight from JFK to Connecticut takes about two hours), but for some travelers, a rental car also comes with some stress, as you’re forced to navigate your way around a very hectic, possibly unfamiliar, area. Each terminal’s Arrivals Level has a rental car counter or a courtesy telephone. To pick up the cars, passengers must take the AirTrain and stop at Federal Circle Station.


For all of the perks of a rental car — the privacy, the speed, the comfort — without the hassle of driving yourself, a private car service is the perfect pick. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with family members or business colleagues, you can fit everyone in your party comfortably into one vehicle, along with all your luggage.

Unlike some shuttles and the train, a car service drops you directly at your destination’s front door. Additionally, if you’re traveling for work purposes, you’re guaranteed a professional image and a safe, comfortable working environment on the go, as well as flexible customer service.

As you know, time is money. When traveling to destinations outside of New York City from JFK, travel time can rack up quickly. Choosing a private car service like Teddy’s Limo allows you to get to locations like Hartford, CT in as little as two and a half hours; compare this to taking the train and you’re saving more than two hours of your time.

If this option sounds like just the thing for you following your next flight into JFK, consider booking private car service with Teddy’s. The professional chauffeurs know the area, can get you to your destination quickly and they always strive to make your ride as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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