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Should I Choose Newark or JFK Airport for my International Flight?

Should I choose Newark or JFK Airport for my international flight? It’s not an uncommon question. There are three major airports in the New York City area — LaGuardia (LGA), Newark Liberty (EWR) and John F. Kennedy (JFK) — so travelers who want to depart or arrive in the general vicinity have a lot of options to choose from for their next international flight. For the purpose of this post, we’re going to look at two, Newark and JFK, and the various differences you should consider between the two before booking your flight.

1. Where are you coming from/going to?

If you’re driving in from somewhere in the region, particularly the Mid-Atlantic or one of the surrounding states, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York State, to fly out of New York City, or you’re flying into New York City to go to one of these destinations, it makes more sense for you to fly in/out of Newark. The airport, while somewhat stressful to get to and from thanks to the heavy traffic surrounding it, is technically not in New York City, so you’ll only be battling New Jersey traffic, not Manhattan traffic.

If you’re already in New York City and flying out, or you’re wanting to end up in Manhattan after flying in, it makes more sense for you to fly directly there, via JFK. The trip between the airport and Manhattan is relatively easy, whether you’re taking public or private transportation.

2. What are the flight options?

JFK Airport, located in Queens, NY, is a major hub to American, Delta and JetBlue, and serves just about every single destination in the world. If you can get there via plane, you can probably get there via JFK. In many instances, you’ll be able to find more flight options out of JFK than you will Newark.

When it comes to choosing between JFK and Newark based on just the flight options then, it all depends on your priorities. Do you want more direct flights and more international airlines to choose from? Or do you want the cheapest option available that’s closest to your home?

3. What kind of airport experience do you want?

For many frequent leisure travelers and corporate business travelers, the airport experience is very important. In the case of the former, they might use that airport time to relax in a lounge or enjoy some fine dining. For the latter, time in the airport doubles as important productivity time.

If you want a ritzier airport experience with high-end dining, and you don’t mind some longer security lines, go for JFK and, more specifically, visit the TWA Terminal, which now offers luxurious experiences in a historic space. If, however, all you need is a place to plug in your laptop and grab a quick bite, and maybe a so-so lounge, opt for Newark.

JFK Airport is notoriously difficult to get to, so plan to leave a bit earlier than usual. This airport is in the process of undergoing a $13 billion overhaul to create two new airport terminals. Construction and traffic delays are to be expected. It’s also one of the busiest international airports in the world for travel in North America and serves over 90 airlines. Take this into account when arranging your international travel plans.

4. How do you plan to get there?

Regardless of which airport you’re flying out of for your international trip — JFK, Newark or any airport in the New York City, Connecticut and Boston regions — Teddy’s can take you there. Teddy’s Private Car Service can make your trip to and from the airport easy, fast and affordable, whether you’re a family looking for a private vehicle that can hold all your luggage (and the kids, too!), a luxury leisure traveler seeking the finer things in life or a business traveler needing to arrive in style. Click here to book an online reservation for your next trip.

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