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Research Reveals that Traveling for Business Sparks Creativity & Productivity

How business travel sparks creativity and productivityGone are the days when traveling for business was solely a burden, something to begrudgingly take on as one of the least appealing parts of your job, all the while looking forward to arriving back home again. Today, new generations of employees are taking business travel on with enthusiasm (some studies show they’re even specifically seeking out jobs that offer travel opportunities!) and new research is saying that these generations are more creative and productive while on the road.

CWT, a business-to-business-for-employees travel management platform, conducted a study earlier this year on business travel and found that 60 percent of travelers feel more creative and productive when traveling for business. This is especially the case for millennial travelers, typically considered those born between 1981 and 1996. When compared to their counterparts, American millennial travelers are even more likely to say that business travel makes them more creative and productive.

But the benefits to business travel don’t end there. Many millennials likewise love business travel because it offers them the chance to enjoy the newly trending “bleisure” type of travel, or business travel combined with leisure travel. More and more, this generation is choosing to stay in a destination a few days longer than required by their job, in order to further explore and enjoy a little downtime. Some even bring their family members along for the ride.

Additionally, the study showed that many business travelers report that traveling for business is invaluable because it allows them to meet face-to-face with colleagues and clients that they otherwise wouldn’t know personally. As business becomes increasingly global, this business travel perk is especially notable and allows for increased relationship building.

Those who enjoy business travel also often display valued work skills that many employers are beginning to look for, such as the ability to adapt, overall tech-savviness and an aptitude for working whenever and wherever one can — regardless of the resources at hand. Younger business travelers are no stranger to setting up shop in a cafe, in the airport or even at the hotel bar and cranking out a few hours’ worth of work when possible.

Teddy’s caters to these new generations of business travelers with ease, providing both corporate and executive transportation to and from airports in the New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts areas. Business travelers will not have to lose out on valuable time waiting for a car on the airport pickup curb or worry about unreliable transportation. And when they want to get to work whenever, wherever, as they so like to do, they’re able to get things done from any Teddy’s corporate or executive car, thanks to extra amenities that make working from a back seat easy. No more attempting to type on your laptop while squeezed onto public transportation.

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