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Teddy’s Limo – $368 Less Than Uber

Grand central station, NYCOn Tuesday May 15, damaging tornado-like winds closed Metro North’s New Haven line down completely, for a little over two hours, just in time for the evening rush hour to get people home. There were so many people in Grand Central Station, police blocked the doors and commuters had to stand outside in the weather.

One of Teddy’s regulars told us his colleague checked Uber first. Not only was their  ETA one hour, but their quoted fare was $520, before tip and tolls, for a car from Grand Central Station back to Stamford, CT.  The Teddy’s wait was the same length so, of course, he booked with us.

Teddy’s remained the same as it always is – over $368 LESS!  Another client got a quote, from Uber which came to $380 back to Wilton, CT.

With no supervisors, dispatchers or employee-style commitments for full-time work, Uber relies solely upon “surge” pricing to attract their gig contractors to come out to work. $520 is likely about 4.5 times the lowest off-peak UberX fare.

Riders should also calculate the value of hiring a Teddy’s professional in a new, comfortable Lincoln and with full government background checks that catch fully 43 times more criminality than do the third-party checks used by the major global ride-hail cab services.

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