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The Best and Fastest Ways to Get to Citi Field from Connecticut

How to get to Citi Field from Connecticut - fastest and most convenient waysIf you’ve ever tried to go to a New York Mets game, then you likely know what a hassle it can be getting into Queens if you’re not already conveniently in the area. Citi Field definitely isn’t the easiest baseball field to get to, but if you’re determined to make a game before the season ends, here’s how to get there from Connecticut.

How to Get to Citi Field by Driving

Driving into Queens from Connecticut to get to Citi Field takes between an hour and two hours, depending on where you are in Connecticut. If you’re coming from New Haven, for example, the trip will take an hour and a half, barring any delays.

Keep in mind that your route can be affected by varying levels of traffic, inclement weather, the occasional construction and accidents. Additionally, once you make it to Citi Field, you’ll need to find parking, whether you’re looking for a spot on the fly or you’ve booked a parking spot ahead of time.

There are several parking lots around Citi Field, with parking prices ranging from $20 all the way up to $40. You can park further away from the stadium for a more affordable price, but then you’ll have to walk for up to a mile before and after the game.

How to Get to Citi Field by Bus

Want to skip the parking hassle? You can always take the cost-effective bus option. There’s a Providence-Manhattan bus that runs once daily between New Haven and Manhattan. After the hour-long bus ride, you’ll need to walk to Penn Station, where you can hop the train to Mets-Willets Point, a 15-minute ride. The train will drop you off within a 15-minute walk of Citi Field. Also note, the bus is not handicap accessible.

While this may take a bit longer than driving, once you take into consideration the time you’ll spend looking for parking and then walking from your parking spot to Citi Field, the travel time needed evens out. However, note that the bus, again, only runs once daily, and the train from Penn Station to Mets-Willets Point only runs hourly. That means that if you miss your bus or train, you’re out of luck.

How to Get to Citi Field by Train and Subway

Take a combination of the train and subway if you don’t prefer buses. A train from New Haven to Grand Central station departs every 30 minutes. After the two-hour train ride, you can trans-fer from Grand Central to the subway line that takes you to Mets-Willets Point, a 30-minute ride. This is definitely not the fastest way to get to Citi Field from Connecticut, but it does allow you to avoid traffic and parking.

Teddy’s Private Car Service

By far, the fastest, most convenient way to get to Citi Field from Connecticut is a private car service. You have the speed of driving the route between the two destinations, but without the annoyance of looking for parking. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the privacy and luxury you won’t find on the bus, train or subway. Plus, with Teddy’s private car service, you have the added convenience of a drop off directly at the field gates, so you can walk right in and enjoy the game. When the game is over, your private car will be ready and waiting to take you home. To schedule a private car service for your next outing, click here.

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