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When Will the LaGuardia Airport Construction Be Complete?

LaGuardia airport construction update, New YorkThere is tons of chatter about LaGuardia’s latest construction project, but for the most part, travelers really want to know when the project will be complete. The good news is that progress has been steady, and some of the new renovations are already open to the public. Here’s what you need to know: 

Terminal B is Open

The first part of the $8 billion project was redeveloping Terminal B into a central hub through which passengers can easily move. This phase of the project reached completion in December of 2018, and Terminal B is now open to the public. This new terminal added new gates and improved accessibility to some of the largest air service providers at the airport.

Looking Forward

When all is said and done, the construction at LaGuardia is expected to wrap up in 2022. However, as they work outward from Terminal B, they will be reopening various sections of the airport and the interconnecting walkways for your convenience. The next major milestone is expected to be complete early in 2020 with additional gates and walkways opening up. By the end of 2022, there will be a total of 72 new gates in operation, easing some of the crowding that has caused delays in recent years. In addition, the terminals will be cleaner, easier to navigate and offer more amenities for travelers who have time to kill at the airport.

The Traffic

For the most part, traffic delays have been mitigated in the area with the help of the new parking garages. The project planners worked hard to ensure that the impact outside of the airport would be minimized by getting the parking garages and Terminal B done first. As such, you will find that traffic routes have adjusted pretty well since the project began in 2016, and driving services and taxis have been successfully rerouted to take advantage of the newest entry points for dropoff and pickups.

For more updates about the progress of the construction at LaGuardia airport, make sure to check back often. With each new milestone, there will be improvements in traffic and delays for travelers. These updates will ultimately affect how early you need to arrive at the airport to catch your flight, and what to expect when you arrive. While the next big milestone is slated for 2020, we expect to see a number of improvements and minor announcements taking place throughout 2019.