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Your Spring 2019 Hamptons Travel Guide

Suitcase with packed items for travel to the Hamptons - 2019 guideThe Hamptons is a world-class destination, and in the summer, traffic can get really out of hand. There are many options for getting to the Hamptons, but you will have to plan carefully for price and departure times if you want to make the most of your vacation. This is your Hamptons travel guide to get you through the summer.

HAMPTONS Travel by Train

If you plan on traveling by train, you basically have two options. There is a year-round train that runs to the Hamptons which is budget-friendly but takes about three hours depending on your starting point in NYC. This train makes a lot of stops along the way. In the summer, there is also a dedicated fast track to the Hamptons which only runs on weekends. It picks up at Penn Station on Fridays and brings you home on Sunday afternoon. If you want a simple round-trip option and it works with your schedule, this is the way to go, but it will cost you a little more for the privilege.

Going by Bus

The Hamptons is also home to two different bus lines which operate between the landmark beaches and NYC. For just $35, you can catch a ride on a commercial bus out to your hotel or beach house. Once you’re there, it’s easy enough to catch the bus between beaches and other hot spots. If you want more amenities than the average bus has to offer, you can always charter a bus or sign up for the Hampton Luxury Liner.


The best way to get to the Hamptons this summer is in the back of a private car. With a private car, you can go straight to your destination without all the extra stops. Plus, an experienced driver from Teddy’s will know all the fastest routes so you won’t have to sit in traffic like you would on a bus. Your driver can also help you find the best restaurants, shops, and beaches so you won’t have to waste any of your precious vacation time navigating through town.

If you’re ready to book your vacation to the Hamptons this summer, use this Hamptons travel guide to get you where you’re going faster. The team at Teddy’s is standing by to take your car reservation, so you can enjoy more of the sights and sounds of the Hamptons with less of the stress involved driving or transferring between buses and trains.

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