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Good News for Your Next Trip! Delta Named Best Airline of 2018

Delta airlines - plane view from terminalFor many years Delta has been one of the top airlines in the nation, but as of last year, Delta has finally claimed the title of Best Airline of 2018, and they’re already at the top of the list for 2019 as well. This news is great for travelers moving through JFK and LaGuardia, where Delta has two large hubs. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, here’s why you’ll want to check out everything that Delta has to offer.

The Best Airline of 2018 Brings More Routes

The number one reason that people choose to fly Delta is that they have a wide range of in-demand routes available to get to the most popular destinations. However, they have also added routes to some smaller airports and far off locales, to provide better coverage for travelers of all kinds. From JFK or LGA, you can get just about anywhere in the world with Delta.

Customer Experience

Delta is also best known for its focus on customer experience. With the Delta Sky Lounge network, you can enjoy comfortable and quiet seating areas, beverages, snacks and more while you wait. You will also be among the first to board the plane and have access to a variety of entertainment options. However, even if you aren’t a member of their premium club, you can still benefit from their customer service policies. For instance, Delta serviced over 130 million travelers last year, and had fewer than three dozen travelers bumped from flights. In addition, they have a tremendous record for on-time arrivals and departures, so you can trust that you’ll get where you’re going and catch your connecting flights without an issue.

The Right Solutions for Today

Delta really seems to be excelling where other airlines have struggled. That is, they have diversified their fleet, met the needs of long and short-range routes, and they have managed to stay on top of in-flight conveniences and amenities that draw travelers to them. It is clear that they are focused on how to make air travel better for everyone, rather than nickel and diming you over every little thing.

As you plan your next trip through JFK or LaGuardia, make sure to check out what Delta has to offer. As the best airline of 2018, their hubs are a great place to catch an affordable flight with all of the amenities and comforts you could want. Plus, check out their elite club membership for even more great rewards and perks.

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