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How to Get from LaGuardia to Manhattan (Without a Headache)

How to get from LaGuardia airport to Manhattan most efficientlyWhether you’re traveling into Manhattan for business or leisure, if you fly into LaGuardia Airport, you’re quickly going to realize that just because LaGuardia is technically located in New York City, it may still be city miles away from where you need to go. LaGuardia is in Queens — a good hike away from Manhattan. So, how do you get from LaGuardia to Manhattan most efficiently? You have several transportation options.

Transportation Option #1: Driving

You can choose to drive from LaGuardia into Manhattan. Like most airports, LaGuardia offers plentiful car rental services, so you can rent a vehicle and drive yourself. However, this can be more stressful than it’s worth, as Manhattan traffic is no laughing matter.

Additionally, driving between the two does take a little extra time. Depending on where you’re headed to in Manhattan, you could spend up to an hour just going fewer than 10 miles. Add on the time you spend at the car rental counter and collecting your vehicle, and you have up to a few hours getting to your destination. But, if you’re seeking a little solitude after your busy travel day, this might be the best option for you.

If you don’t want to drive yourself, you could choose to take a taxi to Manhattan. Taxi service between LaGuardia and Manhattan is generally around $40 or $50, not including the tolls and any other fees. Taxi fares may also be increased during peak travel times.

Transportation Option #2: Public Transportation

Unfortunately, LaGuardia does not offer rail service into Manhattan, like JFK Airport and Newark, but you can take a bus. A bus service will take you to neighborhoods all around LaGuardia, including Manhattan, as well as to nearby rail and subway stations. Bus service is inexpensive, with a one-way ticket being only $2.75. But, again, it’s not exactly quick. It takes buses from LaGuardia over an hour to travel into Manhattan.

In addition to the public buses, LaGuardia also offers service from private bus companies, but the experience is much the same, and the ticket price is significantly more expensive.

If you want to make your trip a little faster, you can choose to take the bus only as far as the first subway stop, and then get on the subway versus riding the entire way to your destination on the slower bus. This, though, can be a challenge for those unfamiliar with the New York City subway system or those dealing with a lot of luggage.

However, if an affordable price is your top priority, then these options could be best for you.

Transportation Option #3:  Private Car Service

One of the best most efficient and fastest ways to get from LaGuardia to Manhattan, though, is via a private car service. There’s no time spent at the car rental counter, or fighting to get onto public transportation or waiting for a bus. At Teddy’s Private Car Service, chauffeurs pick you up right at the airport door and can even come inside the airport to assist you with your luggage if needed. They take you directly to your destination, for door-to-door, convenient and luxury service you can count on. Request a quote for your next trip today.

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