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Pros and Cons of Connecticut to JFK, LaGuardia or Westchester Airport for Summer Travel

JFK airport car service from ConnecticutThe ride from Connecticut to JFK is traveled by tens of thousands of flyers every single year. It is one of the easiest routes to your summer travels if you live anywhere near NYC. However, LaGuardia and Westchester both get their fair share of travelers from Connecticut as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of taking the Connecticut to JFK route in a private car this summer.


Part of the reason that the Connecticut to JFK path has become so popular is the close proximity of JFK to some of Connecticut’s largest cities. Given Connecticut’s small size, just about anyone flying out of the state will go to JFK for the cheapest flights and the most flexibility in scheduling. While there are trains and shuttles that travel this route nearly 24 hours a day, a private car can definitely improve your travel experience by allowing more space for car seats, luggage and even pets. Alternatively, you could head out to LaGuardia or Westchester, but this does increase travel time, and LaGuardia comes with its own set of pitfalls.


If you’re considering taking a taxi or other service up to one of the big three airports, it’s likely that you can save a lot of money by heading to JFK first. Depending on where you are coming from in Connecticut, your fare could be quite large to go further than JFK, and some cabs charge double fare once they cross state lines. A private car can eliminate this possibility, and give you more options if you absolutely must travel out of LGA or Westchester, since you’ll be paying an hourly or flat fee for the ride. Some private services will even offer to let you ride share if you are headed to one of these hotspots during a busy time.

Peace of Mind

The farther ahead you plan your travels, the less stressed you will feel on the day of your departure. This is doubly true if you’re traveling with kids. Going from Connecticut to JFK is just a short hop, and can minimize the strain of a long car ride before getting on an even longer flight. The trip over to LGA and Westchester may expose you to more ground traffic before you make it to the airport.

Ultimately, leaving Connecticut to JFK is one of our most popular options because of the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the route. While LGA and Westchester offer some additional offers, they usually come at a cost.


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