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How Bradley International Airport Construction Plans Will Impact Your Next Trip

Bradley International airport construction plans, ConnecticutWith six years of year-over-year passenger growth, Bradley International Airport is serving more travelers than ever and, with all those extra travelers, comes a need for more infrastructure. As such, the airport is modernizing its facilities and adding more flights and services.

While this means good things for you as a traveler, once the enhancements are complete, it can also mean some disturbances while the airport undergoes construction. Here’s what you can expect if you visit Bradley International Airport in the near future. Read More

New York & Connecticut’s REAL ID vs. Enhanced ID: Everything You Need to Know

New York's REAL ID vs. Enhanced IDUPDATED SEPTEMBER 5, 2020:  In March of 2020, this deadline was moved back a year to October 1, 2021:

If you are from New York or Connecticut with some travel coming up, you likely know there are two different travel identification options open to you — Enhanced IDs and REAL ID s. Due to the Federal REAL ID Act, that takes effect in New York on October 1, 2021, your regular license will not be accepted alone as proof of identification for domestic flights. After this date, an Enhanced ID or REAL ID will be required to get on a plane, unless you have a valid passport with you.

Depending on what your travel itinerary includes, one of these options could benefit you more than the other. Here are the differences between the two (and why you need one or the other sooner than you might think). Read More

Good News for Your Next Trip! Delta Named Best Airline of 2018

Delta airlines - plane view from terminalFor many years Delta has been one of the top airlines in the nation, but as of last year, Delta has finally claimed the title of Best Airline of 2018, and they’re already at the top of the list for 2019 as well. This news is great for travelers moving through JFK and LaGuardia, where Delta has two large hubs. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, here’s why you’ll want to check out everything that Delta has to offer. Read More

How the NY Congestion Surcharge will Affect Your Next Ride in The City

Man with credit card Whether you’re traveling through New York, or you’re a permanent resident, you’ll want to know about the latest changes to transportation law and taxes. As of April 1st, 2019, New York has instituted a new NY Congestion Surcharge for any for-hire transport that starts and stops in the state or passes through the designated congestion zone. Here’s what that means for you. Read More