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Tips for Female Executive Travelers: Keeping Business Travel Safe and Successful

More women than ever are traveling for business. But when it comes to health and security, there’s a huge difference between women business travelers and their male colleagues. The bottom line is that women executives face greater obstacles, especially when traveling alone.

To remain safe and to help stay focused on the business at hand, female business travelers need to take extra safety precautions. The good news is that with careful planning, a bit of common sense and respect for societal differences, you can maximize your chances of having a safe and successful trip. Here are a few tips for female business travelers to keep in mind, both before and during a business trip. Read More

Choosing Between a Private Car Service and a Ride from Uber

A Ride from uber: Know What You’re Getting Into

There’s no doubt that a ride from Uber is catching on as a way to get around. According to the company, Uber drivers make more than 2 million rides per day around the world. But Uber has come under some close scrutiny lately, and the service has a few drawbacks. In many cases, a more private transportation service company may be a better choice compared to Uber or Lyft. Here are a few reasons why.

A Professional, Safer Transportation Experience

Uber drivers undergo a basic background check, with additional requirements for UberX, UberTaxi and UberBlack drivers. However, these checks are all are third-party background checks, not government-executed nor anchored by fingerprints like the checks required for taxicab and livery drivers. Third-party checks are 43 times more likely to miss criminality. These precautions disqualify thousands of potential Uber drivers a year, which makes you wonder how many unsafe drivers slip in under the radar, or how many Uber drivers have legal or driving records that are older than the three- to seven-year windows for Uber’s background checks.

A driver with a criminal background can simply submit his cousin’s Social Security and driver’s license numbers to Uber. And a “safe” Uber cabbie, once he learns he’ll have to drive 65 hours a week to make ends meet, may let his criminally negligent cousin take the Uber phone and car to go drive some fares.

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Why Outsourcing a Corporate Car Service Can Save Your Company Money

Corporate Car ServiceThere are many ways that companies can boost their bottom lines. You might think outsourcing a corporate car service is more expensive than letting employees drive to meetings and work. Corporate clients can actually cut expenses and increase productivity with such a program.  Here’s how:

Time is money.

Your time is important – and costs money. A car service will get your employees to their flights on time. Our pick-ups are done to maximize your employees’ time, cutting down on lost hours spent waiting at the airport gate.

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Connecticut to JFK: Should I Drive Myself or Book a Car Service?


Age-old question: Ride or drive

Consider this…

The cost of driving your car.

AAA reports that it costs 60.8 cents per mile to drive your car, which includes the cost of gas and wear and tear on your car, Simply multiply the number of miles from your home to JFK by 60.8 to determine the true cost of driving. Also, add the tolls, which are factored into the cost of a car service.

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Airport Transportation Options – What “Drives” You?

Airport Road Signs

From delayed or cancelled flights to long check-in lines to turbulent rides, air travel can be a frustrating and stressful experience.  And that’s NOT including transportation to and from the airport.  Adding airport transportation to the equation can elevate the stress of air travel to insurmountable levels.

For those that live in the suburbs, the most popular modes of transportation to the airport are either driving yourself or taking a car service.  In order to deduce which choice is best for most people, let’s analyze what “drives” people to make each choice and try to discern perception from reality.

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