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5 Gifts for Business Travelers this Holiday Season

5 gifts for business travelersThere are a lot of important questions to consider when purchasing a gift for your favorite business traveler this holiday season. What is the individual’s travel style (luxury versus budget, for example)? Do they travel mostly domestically or internationally (if the former, then you might want to reconsider that flashy passport holder)? Will the gift make their business travel easier or more of a chore (that new piece of travel tech could be a boon for your millennial son, but might make your dad’s travel life more difficult)?

Whatever type of business traveler you’re shopping for this month, consider one of these gifts. You might just find a perfect fit!

Gift #1: New Luggage

You don’t have to drop a lot of cash to purchase your favorite business traveler a new piece of luggage or a luggage accessory. While a high-quality, tech-savvy carry-on could be in the cards this holiday, you can also find more affordable and trendy luggage accessories that might make your business traveler’s life a little easier. Things like packing cubes, suitcase organizers, hanging toiletry bags and even laundry separators can make getting from Point A to Point Z just a bit easier.

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Gift #2: Points or Miles

Is your business traveler an entrepreneur, usually footing the bill for their own travel? Do they often rave about their points or miles program and how much they earn via their loyalty membership to a certain airline or hotel brand? If so, then you might want to consider actually purchasing points or miles for them this holiday season. Points and miles can be purchased in a huge range of quantities for gifts regardless of your budget.

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Gift #3: A Lounge Pass

When a business traveler is on the road, there’s nothing like an airport lounge to help them escape the hubbub of the normal airport crowds and get a little work done, or even relax a bit. If your business traveler doesn’t have a lounge membership or if they have a limited membership that only allows them to visit a lounge once or twice per year, consider buying them an annual lounge membership.

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Gift #4: Luxury Amenities

If your business traveler doesn’t have the luxury of flying first class on a regular basis, make their flying experience a little more posh by giving them some truly high-class, on-board amenities. Think cashmere travel sets with eye mask already included, noise-cancelling headphones or a fun, TSA-approved DIY cocktail kit.

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Gift #5:  Private Car Service Gift Certificate

Get your business traveler to and from their New York City or Connecticut-area airport in style, no matter where they’re headed after take off. Sending them on their way with Teddy’s Private Car Service ensures they enjoy professionally chauffeured transfer services, a safe and professional environment and extra amenities that make it easier for them to accomplish their productivity goals this business trip. To purchase a Teddy’s Gift Card for someone special this year, give us a call at (203) 872-6964 or email us at contact@teddyslimo.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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