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Do You Know Who You’re Driving With? Private Transportation Safety

Chauffeur's hand on handle. Close-up of man in formal wear opening a passenger car doorThe professional driving industry is stepping up to try to ensure the safety of all passengers going forward. Last year, a lawsuit against the Connecticut Airport Authority claimed that drivers had not been properly vetted before being allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. One such driver was a known threat who had been placed on the No Fly List after being charged with trying to build Weapons of Mass Destruction. The CAA has now introduced stricter rules to help weed out drivers and protect riders.  Read More

Teddy’s Next Generation Car Service App Is Coming Soon!

New car service app release in 2018 - woman holding smartphone browsing appsEnjoy executive ground travel management seemlessly across devices – and see your driver’s location on your device!

(Since the publication of this blog entry, the new apps have been added to your app store. Click here for direct links.)

Teddy’s keeps ahead of the curve so you can too. Our new app will allow you and your colleagues to manage corporate booking better than ever before. This app is designed with customers in mind to simplify your reservations and keep you productive.  Read More

New LaGuardia Airport (LGA) Airline Terminal Locations Starting DECEMBER 09, 2017

Busy airport and travellers finding terminalsBusiness travelers the world over should keep their eyes peeled in the next few weeks as LaGuardia Airport’s terminals undergo a massive restructuring.

As of December 9th, 2017, several major changes will take place in the organization of the terminals to allow for a better travel experience and fewer delays. Here’s what you need to know:  Read More

Status Of Delays At Boston Logan

For travelers departing from and arriving into Boston Logan airport, things could be a little slow for the next few months. Over the last ten years, the Boston Logan airport has grown significantly in terms of flight volume. The time has finally come for the airport to see some major renovations. As a result, two of the airport’s runways have been closed temporarily to facilitate repairs and upgrades which has resulted in delays.  Read More

Where to Eat at Laguardia Airport

As travelers have become more vocal about the perils of traveling through some of the busiest airports in the nation, airports have taken notice and avidly worked to improve the quality of food and amenities available. LaGuardia in particular has seen a significant increase in the number of quality restaurants for those passing through. Here are a few of our favorites: Read More